Stand Up, Speak Up, Stand Out!

Stand Up Speak Up Stand Out

This 5-week course will equip each participant with the public speaking fundamentals needed to speak up with greater confidence and to connect with and captivate audiences of various sizes.

The course aims to empower each participant to learn the invaluable VIPs of Public Speaking through a process of learning, practice and empowering feedback . It will help participants to:

  • Present to an audience with greater courage, clarity & confidence.
  • Connect with an audience effectively using body language and vocal techniques to emphasise their message.
  • Become more authentic in your presentations.
  • Be more prepared and present in impromptu speaking situations.
  • Learn to open and close presentations in a memorable way.

Take those steps from spectator to speaker and become more visible, have greater influence and impact and ultimately greater success in your personal life, business and career.