Supporting the community

Speech Festivals

‘Speech is a child’s oral passport to life!’

We organise speech festivals in schools for children to overcome the potential anxiety of speaking in front of a group by providing a platform for them to create, organise and present their ideas logically, creatively and convincingly in the form of poetry, speeches or stories and receive excellent feedback and encouragement.

Success in this setting cannot be measured just with the marks awarded but also with the satisfaction of the child knowing that they have stood alone on a stage, in front of an audience and used nothing but the power of their voice to connect with others. Finding the confidence to take the step away from being a spectator to a speaker is no mean feat but the earlier you take that step, the easier it becomes.

There is unanimous evidence to suggest that it is best to teach public speaking to children at a young age before they are overtaken by the fear of speaking in front of others. However there are indications that not enough schools appreciate the benefits of encouraging pupils to be confident speakers. Our work enables the children to learn crucial soft skills which are not necessarily taught in school like persuasiveness and creativity as well as leadership skills such as courage and perseverance.



Our workshops provide the students with an introduction to the art of effective speaking and listening with the goal of building up their confidence and communication skills. Our fun and interactive sessions use a simple and effective methodology along with games that enable the students to learn the most crucial skills required to become confident communicators.

Children’s Speech Summer Workshop

Social Mobility

Children from disadvantaged backgrounds, are more likely to suffer from communication difficulties, and are afforded the least opportunity to develop the confidence and abilities in speaking that will enable them to compete with their more socioeconomically advantaged peers.’ – School 21

Public speaking is a vehicle to promote the cause of social mobility and provides foundational skills for life. It levels the playing field for children and helps to equalize the life chances of those from less privileged backgrounds. We are aware that the challenge of unravelling this is not a new one but our hope is that all young people would be provided with every possible opportunity to enable them to go as far as their talents and hard work will take them. iVerbalize seeks to do this by embedding the soft skills of communication and creativity from early on and enhancing them so as to broaden the horizons and elevate the sights for these children as they grow up.

Staff Training

We run effective and inspiring training sessions which are linked back to the school’s aims and values, to foster a clear understanding of the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’.

  • Training sessions on Confident Communication
  • Public speaking and Presentations
  • Speaking and Listening

Tailor-made sessions are also available specific to the school’s specific needs.