What we do

…. with courage, clarity and confidence and in line with your values.

I believe that when you speak from a place that aligns with your values, that you find your true voice, embrace your vision and become more visible; showing up as your best self and speaking up with intention and not for attention.
I believe that when you are equipped with the right instruments in your speaking toolkit, that you can confidently connect and engage with your audience; whether one to one, one to few or one to many.

I believe that everyone has the capacity to be outstanding; to stand out because of who they are, the story they have to tell and the passion with which they share it.

We provide a range of services to boost self-confidence and hone leadership skills, by developing and strengthening public speaking and communication skills. We do this through our training workshops and 1-2-1 and group coaching programmes, virtually and face to face.

Our fun, compassionate and direct style allows our clients to access their full range and own their specific brand of personal power abundantly, effectively and impactfully. Our values are steeped in authenticity, playfulness and courage, from which we uncover fears, unlock voices and unleash passion so that our clients speak up with courage, clarity and confidence.
Getting started is usually the hardest part. At iVerbalize, we encourage you to get started on your speaking journey because we understand that the ability to communicate effectively is perhaps the most important of all life skills.
We work with individuals, women’s groups and networks and corporate teams to provide spaces to develop a diverse range of communication skills so that our clients are enabled to communicate what really matters.
At iVerbalize, we are genuinely passionate about enabling women to take the steps from being spectators to courageous and confident speakers.

Our approach is simple, fun and creative and builds on your existing personality and strengths so that you remain true to your unique self as an authentic speaker. Our positive and supportive training uniquely combines highly interactive small group work with coaching for your individual needs in a safe and encouraging atmosphere.

…. with courage, clarity and confidence and in line with your values.