Who we are

Communication has always been my thing. I was President of the Literary & Debating Society in my teenage years and have always believed in the power of our voices to make a difference. I learned and sharpened my presentation skills, after qualifying as a barrister and in my legal practice, where I learnt to argue cases in front of judges, against usually more experienced lawyers, on behalf of anxious clients.

I have used my voice to motivate, engage and inspire audiences as a keynote speaker, voice-over professional, facilitator and MC. My work has extended to a variety of groups, including smaller local businesses and non-profits and others in the world’s largest companies and universities. Some of these include The London School of Economics, London Early Years Foundation and Google.

Ronke is such a supportive rock when it comes to life lessons and public speaking. She’s really inspiring, supportive and makes it fun which in turn comes across to you the audience. She highlights the pitfalls in presenting, helps you see your audience for who they are and helps you visualize, prepare and rehearse your presentation to make it flow naturally. A pleasure to work with her. She’s worth her weight in gold.

– Sophia McEwen, The Wills Woman