Presentation Skills

Many things are outside of your control. But you DO control how you communicate with your team or board, your senior leadership team or peers.

Presentations are significant opportunities not only to inform, influence and inspire, but to also connect with your audience. Whether persuading or updating colleagues, selling or pitching to a client, or energizing a team, the power of the presentation makes all the difference. So often, presenters can be so overwhelmed by nerves or so focused on their content or power point slides, that the crucial message is lost or confusing and hence, fails to have any impact.

Whether you’re a seasoned presenter who needs a refresher or just starting out on this journey, this course will inspire you to own your voice and the room (or Zoom) so that your presentations fulfil their purpose and become more memorable and impactful.

This presentation skills course will develop your ability to:

  • Present and communicate with presence, poise, power and persuasion.
  • Gain confidence when presenting and overcome nerves
  • Present with impact even when working remotely online
  • Engage the audience using a variety of vocal, visual and verbal techniques
  • Bring data to life using storytelling
  • Structure your content to suit the audience
  • Confidently manage questions and how to answer them effectively
  • Employ powerful delivery techniques to present with ease and with impact

If you’re interested in this course or would like to find out more details, please get in touch with us today.

Ronke is such a supportive rock when it comes to life lessons and public speaking. She’s really inspiring, supportive and makes it fun which in turn comes across to you the audience. She highlights the pitfalls in presenting, helps you see your audience for who they are and helps you visualise, prepare and rehearse your presentation to make it flow naturally. A pleasure to work with her. She’s worth her weight in gold. – Sophia McEwen, The Wills Woman